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How is Our Database Encryption Solution Different?

NetLib's Encryptionizer is:

Scalable. Flexible. Compliant. Transparent. Easy to Install. No Ongoing Administration. Developer Friendly.

The combination of these key components bundled together and expert customer care is what makes NetLib and its data encryption solution a formidable force and unique offering in today's competitive marketplace.


Encryptionizer allows you to secure databases from the high-end server down the laptop/desktop. Each version is also interoperable enabling a streamlined environment regardless of which version you are using.


Encryptionizer offers automatic, whole database or file encryption, as well as an optional API set. In addition, each API set is tailored to its respective platform: SQL Server or Desktop applications.

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NetLib Encryptionizer provides database security by encrypting sensitive data as part of an integral component in helping companies fulfill compliance guidelines such as PCI DSS in the credit card industry, FIPS 140-2 Validation for the government/military and HIPAA for PHI and electronic health records (EHR) security.

Application developers also routinely use Encryptionizer to protect their intellectual property and distributed applications, as well as to make those applications compliant.


Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) protects the physical files of your databases by providing real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data and log files on your servers as well as any back up media. Encryptionizer provides you easy-to-install TDE Software that will not interfere with any existing applications. There is no need to recode or re-architect existing applications in order to install it.


In most cases, whole database or file encryption can be deployed in a couple of hours, without any programming. This makes it perfect for protecting existing applications, even where the source code is lost or unavailable.


Deploying Encryptionizer will not increase your administrative overhead. The few other tools of its sort require extensive administration to set up, and often extensive ongoing administrative headaches.


Encryptionizer encryption software can be bundled with your distributed application. This allows you to protect your customer's data and your intellectual property at the same time. Tools that encrypt an entire directory or drive must be deployed by the end user, requiring you to rely on them.

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